Patrick Gleason Art


Superman Pat-Marque!

Image of Superman Pat-Marque!

Get them while they last!

Request any Superman Rebirth issue from Pat's run (1-45) or just say “Pat’s Pick!” And boom! You get a comic and one of a kind, custom black and white Pat-marque signed and shipped to your Fortress of Solitude!

NOTE: First come first serve. Any Superman issues from #1 to #45 are up for grabs, including Superman Special #1, Superman Annual #1, and more!

Once at check out, please Leave a comment telling us:

(1) Which character you’d like

(2) Which comic you’d like to request

If the comic is out of stock Pat will choose a similar comic for your custom Pat-marque, or just say “Pat’s pick” and get a random comic and custom Pat-marque!