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For Questions on orders, please see product information for FAQ in the listing. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us

-Will you sign my book?

Only books purchased on this site or in person can be signed. Please DO NOT ship us your book to be signed. It will not be returned. 

-What can I send you?

Cool art, toys, stickers that you make of my work, art supplies you want me to try out. I love sharing that stuff online with fans. Contact me

-Can I get my book graded/CGC?

We do not offer that at this time. You can check with Comic Sketch Art for grading availability.

-Are you taking COMMISSIONS?

Probably not, sorry. Deadlines keep me on my toes, although there are exceptions for unique opportunities and appearances. We do try to have original sketch art available from time to time. Sign up for the newsletter and follow my social media for availability.

-Can I buy art that is not listed? 

Yes. Although if it isn’t listed it may not be available at all, or we just haven't gotten around to listing and pricing it. Offers are preferred when you contact us before it’s listed.

I can’t afford it. Are you open to take PAYMENT INSTALLMENTS, BEST OFFERS, OR TRADES on original art and covers?

Absolutely! We can work something out on most pieces. Contact us.

What do you want to trade for? 

I’m always looking for Original comic book art like Jim Lee Marvel or Wildstorm art, Mike Mignola, 90’s Mark Bagley, Larsen or Mcfarlane Spidey stuff, J.Scott. Campbell, Lee Weeks or  any Marvel GI JOE covers, TMNT art especially TMNT adventures, or even some of my own Superman Batman and Robin, Aquaman, JSA, JLA, GLC pages/covers back.

Game room, Diner display’s, Working, non-project arcades and pins.

Cartoon, toy, movie and licensing production, video game art/displays from the 80’s 90’s. Transformers, GPK, TMNT, Iron Giant, Batman TAS. Bruce Timm, Alex Toth.

Classic horror, King Kong, MGM.

Newspaper Daily comic art, especially , Jim Davis, Gary Larsen, Watterson (I can dream cant I?) Ketchum, Schultz, Mad Magazine OA, or Jack Davis

Children’s book illustrations like Earl Norem’s Transformers Big Looker Books. Scary stories to tell in the dark, choose your own adventueres, ect.

Would you be a guest at our CONVENTION/STORE SIGNING?

All in-person scheduling is handled through Comic Sketch Art


contact our media manager.

Would you be available for any non-comic MEDIA or GAME or DESIGN work, or to discuss future opportunities?

Always interested to hear more. contact us here.

What’s up with the SHIPPING?

-Due to *Gestures to everything* some items may not be available for shipping outside of the US. We’re working on global shipping again, please check back. 

-Orders ship around the end of the month. Some times may vary due to heavy workload. If you have any concerns please contact us with any questions. 

-For special orders (Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday etc) it may be possible to put a rush on processing your order. Please contact us as well and leave instructions in your orders comment section.

-All artwork will be shipped flat and in protective loaders through FED EX or another provider at our discretion. 

-Once artwork is shipped any handling disputes or damage claims with the provider are the responsibility of the recipient.


-Sorry, No refunds

-CREDIT CARDS are accepted through the Pay Pal link when you checkout.